How to Organize Texts on iPad

Managing texts on the iPad clipboard is a very simple task if you have the proper set of steps to follow on.

Editing and updating content or blog becomes an effortless task if you are working on an iPad. Whereas it can’t replace a traditional laptop or a PC, but most of the important editing features can be availed on your iPad. 

Here is how you can easily cut, copy, and paste any text on your iPad.

Modifying Text through Cut, Copy and Paste Options

In case you are working on Safari, you cannot select a text or a paragraph as the double-clicking is already dedicated to a specific dedicated action.

If you want to perform cut, then copy and at last paste, then, you should follow these steps according to their procedures on your iOS device:

  1. First of all, open your desired file containing text for editing.
  2. Now tap and hold the text with your finger.
  3. Next, select the text with the help of the magnifier.
  4. Now release your finger once the cursor is placed.
  5. Then, tap on the “Select” option.
  6. In case you hit the “Select All” option, the overall text on your screen will be selected.
  7. Next, after the desired text is selected, the cursor will turn t blue. You may adjust your selection using these selection handles.
  8. After some time, a menu will prompt out once your text is appropriately selected.
  9. Now various options will display on your screen.
  10. If you hit the “Cut” option, the selected text will automatically be removed and then copied to the device’s clipboard.
  11. In case you tapped the “Copy” option, your selected text will remain as it is.
  12. Now hit the document or the app where you wish to place or copy the selected text.
  13. After that, press and then hold the screen. Now put the cursor to the location to where you wish to place your copied text.
  14. Once you release your finger from the screen, hit the “Paste” tab to copy the text.
  15. Now you will see that your copied document or text is moved to a new location.
  16. Re-apply all the formatting because a copied document performs the paste function in defaults way. It removes all the formatting effects in the pasted text that you have applied in your original document.
  17.  Follow the instructions carefully and manage your texts.

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