Borderlands 3: Where to Get Lucky 7 Pistol in Moxxi’s Heist of Handsome Jackpot DLC

The preceding day of Christmas brought us the DLC aspect in the Borderlands 3, and it requires the players to empty the orbital casino vault of Handsome Jackpot. Besides, the DLC also brought essential trinkets, skins, and Legendary Weapons to the game.

We all know that the weapon is the most intriguing among other aspects of any looter-shooter game. Lucky 7 Beneath is one of the legendary weapons that have to lure the gaze of several gamers towards it. Beneath, we have written a specified guide to finding the Legendary Lucky 7 Pistol in Moxxi’s Heist of the Handsome Jackpot DLC.

Spinning of Wheel

Every time Lucky 7 gets a reload, the function of the slot machine instantly rotates to check if it will attain a new modifier or not. There are symbols for the modifiers which tells about the success of spin by flashing after every reload. The Trashcans’ red cross indicator can depict the failure of the spin. There is a total number of five modifiers, and they are:

  • Fire: Every shot resist all crucial damage.
  • Mushroom Cloud: Every shot can inflict severe damage by an availing of the blast radius.
  • Number 7:  The gun can execute seven shots in the form of a seven every time, and the existence of a single projectile will never bother it.
  • Crosshair: Every shot of the magazine will be a successful hit alongside ricochet and pierce.
  • Bullets: These modifiers take care of making the automatic weapons department by an enhanced fire rate.

After several spins, players will attain useful items through it, and thus the finding of attaining Lucky 7 begins. The Legendary Lucky 7 has attained the ability to be fully-automatic alongside it can execute seven powerful shots at one time. Although the weapon can be used with any character, it is perfectly compatible with Zane or Moze because they can regenerate the ammunition.

The only flaw is that players need to be a bit fortunate to attain this Legendary weapon through the spinning of the wheel. Besides, players need to ensure that they never do the reloading of the gun when it is not in use and grants the gun to regenerate ammo at a certain time.

Finding Lucky 7

Similar as other legendary Weapons of Borderlands 3, there are various methods to attain Lucky 7 Pistol, and grabbing it through the Scraptrap Prime fight is most simple among them. Players need to head to the mission of One Man Treasure, and then they need to beat the boss, aka Scraptrap Prime. Once they

defeated Scraptrap Prime or during the fights, it will definitely drop Lucky 7.

Players need to pick the weapon and begin to inflict severe damage to its enemies through it. Players can also attain the weapon with one other way, which is to take down Claptraps because they also contain the same loot, such as Scraptrap Prime.

 However, several players also stated that sometimes they didn’t drop the weapon. So, it is highly recommended to go with the resort of Scraptrap Prime because it assures a proper guarantee of dropping the preferred weapon. 


We hope that you have found all the available information in this blog appropriate, and you have availed of it. Those who want to play Borderlands 3 can witness its experience on devices such as Xbox One, Stadia, PS4, and PC.

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