Is Marvel’s Thor a God Or an Alien?

Thor is well known for the powers and abilities and is famous as the God of Thunder. But, the question is whether everyone’s favorite God of Thunder is a deity or just an alien-like all other aliens of Marvel Cinematic Universe. Thor was born to a king of mythological gods known as Odin and is the heir to the throne of Asgard. He is more powerful and enhanced in comparison to his brethren of Asgard. Thor has endurance, strength and his quest for the battle is much significant than any other Asgardian. He can control the thunder and lightning with the help of his forged Uru hammer called Mjolnir. The fans got the first appearance of Thor in Journey into Mystery #83, in which he was seen as fighting against the stone men who were from Saturn.

Thor can withstand any injuries no matter how severe they are, and not only this; he can resist the damages too. Thor can fly and has many other supernatural powers. However, the skills possessed by Thor are not somewhat unexpected as he belongs to Asgard, which has traveled along in the field of Science and technology, and this enhancement seems very much unusual to the people of earth. The task to bring Thor to the silver screen was given to Kenneth Branagh, who did his work beautifully and brought Thor on the big screen. The technology possessed by Asgardian is expected as they are from advanced alien races.

Once, when the Asgard was destroyed, which was featured in the Thor: Ragnarok, the people of Asgard, have to take shelter in spaceships. Although the inhabitants of Asgard looked more magical and grand than other aliens, they were accessible to the people of earth. The inhabitants of Asgard are well aware of the other alien races like The Collector, and they even traveled to nowhere for the safekeeping of Aether. Thor has already been depicted fighting with other aliens and cosmic beings for the safety of Asgard and to protect the interest of the inhabitants of Asgard.

If you take a look into the powers and abilities of Thor, then you came to know that the same kind of expertise could be seen possessed by some other alien characters of the Marvel Cosmetic Universe also. However, it is true that Thor is worshipped as God or a deity in Asgard, and he is long-lived but not immortal. Although he is powerful many times, he has though unwillingly drawn into the conflicts created by the people considered as lower beings. Thor belongs to such a realm that is not only accessible but vulnerable to many risks and dangers also. The powers possessed by Thor are astounding and incredible, making him almost God, but even then, it could not be concluded that he is a deity. It is also true that the world of Marvel Cosmetic Universe could be imagined without this powerful hero. Thor has appeared as an alien more in the scheme of Marvel Cosmetic Universe than a deity.

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