How to Post on Instagram through Mac

If you use a Mac and access Instagram on it, then you must be thinking that it is not possible to post on Instagram through Mac. But, it is not really correct; there is a way through which you can publish the desired content easily.  There are two possible ways of posting photos or videos on Instagram through Mac. You can use either the Chrome browser or Safari browser for posting on Instagram. Let’s check out the posting process in detail.

How to post on Instagram with the use of Safari?

Uploading your pictures on Instagram through your Mac is not that hard. You will have to open the Instagram website and then follow the below-given process. Go through these steps:

1. Firstly, open the Safari navigator, then select “Preferences” and then “Advanced.”

2. From there, make sure that the “Show Develop Menu” is enabled.

3. Now, open the Instagram website and sign in to your account by entering the associated login details in the demanded columns.

4. From the top menu bar, visit the Develop” drop-down menu and then choose “User Agent” and “Safari – iOS 12 – iPhone” at last.

Once you do it, Instagram will identify you as an iPhone owner, using the Safari mobile version. Reload the Instagram page, and you will see the website page as a phone user.

5. The upload button or feature will be there on the bottom, same as the Instagram app. Click on it for uploading the files from your Mac. Select the ideal photo or video and then pick the filter and hit the “next” button.

6. To publish your selected files, click on the “Share” option available at the top right section.

In this way, the desired image or video will be posted on Instagram quickly through your Mac.

How to post on Instagram with the use of Chrome?

The process is almost the same in both Safari and Chrome. Follow these steps:

1. From the menu bar, choose View” then the “Developer” option. You will see the list of options, and now you need to select “Developer Tools.”

2. The console will open, and you need to search for the menu bar icon, which is destined to be on the left section from the “Elements” option. From here, you can change the user agent and see the mobile version on the screen.

3. Choose your device by clicking the “Responsive” option on the menu bar. After choosing the ideal device of you, the screen will be shown the same as your device’s screen. If you are not able to see the changed website, refresh the page.

4. After implementing the above steps successfully, you can see the upload button on your Mac screen. Hit the upload button present on the bottom part for publishing the desired content on Instagram. It will open the folder section, and you can choose the folder where the files are, for uploading.

5. Here, you need to decide whether you want to upload a photo or a video. Once you select any of them, you will get the option to rotate the picture or zoom in.

6. A lot of filters will be shown to you, and you can select the perfect one accordingly. Click on the Next option and then the Share option to upload the content on your Instagram account.

Hence, this is how you can post on Instagram using Chrome on Mac.

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