How to Add People on Snapchat?

Even though Snapchat is one of the most critically-acclaimed social networks across the globe, if you are new to the app, you may find it a little difficult to navigate. Here are detailed instructions for how to find and add friends on Snapchat.

Add People by Username

If you know someone’s Snapchat username, then follow these steps to add them.

•    Firstly, you have to locate your friend’s username.

•    After that, you can swipe anywhere on Snapchat’s screen.

•    Then you can tap on “Add Friends.”

•    Thereafter you can tap on “Add by Username.”

•    You need to enter the full username if you want to add that person as your Snapchat’s friend.

•    Now, select the “Add” option. It is next to the user.

•    After that, you should wait for them to add you back.

Through Snapchat URL

If you have the link to someone’s Snapchat profile, then here is how you can add them.

•    Firstly, you have to go to

•    After that, you can open the link.

•    Then you can tap on “Open Snapchat.”

•    Now, you can select “Add Friend” in Snapchat.

•    After that, you need to go to Snapchat profile.

•    Then select “Add Friends” and tap on “Share Username.”

•    Now, you can share this link through messaging app or email.

Add Friends From your Contacts

You can add people using your phone’s contact on Snapchat. Just follow these steps.

•    Firstly,  you have to swipe anywhere on your Snapchat screen.

•    After that, tap on “My Friends.”

•    Then you must select the “Contacts” option.

•    When the prompt comes, you can allow it to access the device’s contacts.

•    You must go through the list and add people that you want to add.

•    Now, you can see the list of those who don’t have Snapchat, but you can Invite them.

•    You need to wait for them to add back.

Through Snapcode

You can add people via their Snapcode. Here’s how.

•    Firstly you have to focus your camera on Snapcode.

•    After that, you can long-press on code in the Snapchat screen.

•    After scanning, you can tap on “Add Friend.”

•    Now, you can download the image to the device that includes a Snapcode.

Adding a Friend Who is Nearby

You can add people who are nearby, Here’s how

•    Firstly, you can swipe anywhere on Snapchat’s screen.

•    After that, you can tap on “Add Friends.”

•    Then you can select “Add Nearby.”

•    On your friend’s phone, go to the Add Nearby screen.

•    There, your username will be visible.

•    Thereafter you can tap on “+Add.” It is next to your friend’s username.

Add a Friend Back

You can add a friend back on Snapchat. Just follow the steps mentioned below.

•    Firstly, on the camera screen, swipe anywhere.

•    After that, you need to select “Added Me.”

•    Now, you should tap on “+Add.” It is next to the person who has added you.

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